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ビリー・コーガン、ギタリストのジェイムス・イハ、ドラマーのジミー・チェンバレン 、そして長年のコラボレーターであるジェフ・シュローダーという布陣でスマッシング・パンプキンズは再結成することを発表しており、「シャイニー・アンド・オー・ソー・ブライト」と題した北米ツアーを7月から行うことが決定している。


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The moose on my wall says, ‘Good morning!’ For those that wonder, this is a carved, wooden, Black Forest work dating to the late 1800’s. Which I have up in my kitchen. I’d originally bought it for @madamezuzus 2.0 but obv changed my mind (as Pisces are won’t to do). Wrote another new song yesterday evening, at the moment affectionately titled ‘The Goodship Disaster’ (I don’t think it will last). So working on lyrics for that now. And have been singing each day to find the robust tones buried beneath my oft-quoted nasal whine. I hope everyone is well, and appreciate all the positive feedback and photos I receive here. Your fidelity is valued and appreciated, and we are certainly lucky as musicians to have such support. I could go on about what’s false or misrepresented, but time says the truth will win out in the end and is best represented by proof that can be seen and felt (like new music, videos, action, and of course shows). And to that I can report discussions are in the works for our first international shows, so keep asking because we are listening. And lastly, if you haven’t yet, please subscribe to my new @spotify playlist (WPC’S MUSIC MACHINE). On the advice of the friend I’m going to treat it more like a radio station playlist and add a few and subtract a few as I go, so I’ll do that today. The link to the playlist is in my IG BIO Lots of love, WPC @smashingpumpkins @chamberdrums @jamesihaofficial @jjjschroeder @jackbass89 #smashingpumpkins #wpc

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26曲に取り組んでいると報じられていたバンドだが、ビリー・コーガンはインスタグラムで2枚の4曲入りEPをリリースすることを予告している。8曲のタイトルも明らかにしており、それは“Solara”、“Marchin’ On”、“Travels”、“Seek and You Shall Destroy”、“With Sympathy”、“Knights of Malta”、“Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)”、“Alienation”というものになるという。

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