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Um so I have breast cancer . I say this to you hoping that you won’t expect soo much of me all the time . I am a strong mother fucker but I feel everything deeply . I have still been touring performing sometimes to people talking over me or inappropriately stealing my shit or sneaking into my green room . I am riddled with anxiety while trying to practice courage and patience daily in the face of the scariest and most emotionally triggering shit I’ve ever had to endure . I need love and respect and often I have to go out of my way to make people feel comfortable around me because of their projections or own internal battles when confronted by me. I need to be selfish in this time. I cannot babysit anyone’s emotions anymore. Let my music comfort you , this is what it’s for . My job ends there I am not a therapist . Please give my family there space. I will delete this account if I hear otherwise . Thank you for your love and support always .

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