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So, a little announcement. Zuzu's Teahouse 1.0 will be closing it's doors March 18th, as we are forced to move for various reasons which involve tenancy, but certainly nothing to do with the strength of the business (which thanks to all our great customers has been robust and steady). So for now our focus moves to and the online store, and when I'm home next around my birthday (March 17th) I will be looking at even more spaces. Unfortunately, Highland Park doesn't have a lot of ideal spots at this time, which is part of the holdup. So again, thanks again to all our patrons. You have my gratitude for your support. And come party with us on the 18th as we say goodbye. There will be free tea that day for everyone who comes by, and special last-day sales. (And as far as @madamezuzus 2.0 goes, we hope to open a new location very soon, remaining in Highland Park if possible)

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スマッシング・パンプキンズはビリー・コーガン、ギタリストのジェイムス・イハ、ドラマーのジミー・チェンバレン 、そして長年のコラボレーターであるジェフ・シュローダーという布陣で7月より「シャイニー・アンド・オー・ソー・ブライト2018」ツアーを行うことを発表している。

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