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1999 Glastonbury- flew in with Stipe (@rem ? headlined an amazing set ) We’d spent a few days in London which is why I wrote his home state of “Georgia “ on my stomach , My forever peach ? . I wanted to see my old friend Joe Strummer and his band play . We were in a British military helicopter? , I loved it! I took helicopters to festivals after that. (We’d) played big U.K. festivals before but I was in better health that year. I felt a lot of spirit and happiness move within me and my band , and can remember it vividly .. really being transported to giving myself over to that fantastic , smiling crowd. ? Feeling like I’m doing the one thing I truly love .. which is to deliver the message whatever form that takes within. You have to have a lot of confidence to hit that Glastonbury main stage ? I remember lots of girls rushing the stage and dragging them up , and tolerant , nice security guys there at the farm . It was so fun and pretty , and the sun went down over that massive crowd . You really feel you’ve met your destiny up there. #glastonbury ( @nmemagazine thanks also ?)

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