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GUEST 1 JARVIS COCKER He has written a little bit about his choices: KES I guess this is an obvious one but wouldn’t we all like to fly free like a kestrel with its jesses off at the moment? (Amazon Prime) WILLY WONKA & the CHOCOLATE FACTORY It’s pretty difficult to be in a bad mood whilst watching this film. Gene Wilder’s first appearance is a moment of pure movie magic.(amazon Prime) BATMAN RETURNS The Penguin’s Gotham City is frighteningly similar to Tr*mp’s America. Listen out for a v good version of “U Can’t Touch This” at an arty party.(Google Play or YouTube) GLASTONBURY FAYRE I was so looking forward to playing at Glastonbury’s 50th birthday this year. This Nic Roeg film from 1971 can help us get over the disappointment of the cancellation.(Amazon Prime) THE LEOPARD “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.” -thus says Burt Lancaster towards the end of Visconti’s masterpiece. Wise words.(Amazon Prime) Happy viewing! Let Kim know your thoughts on my selection. Stay safe x Jarvis #alittleobvs #mypersonnalfilmguide

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ジャーヴィス・コッカーにとって2009年以来のオリジナル作品となる『ビヨンド・ザ・ペール』はラフ・トレードより5月1日にリリースされる。アルバムからは昨年リリースされた“Must I Evolve?”に続いて、“House Music All Night Long”も公開されている。


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