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本作からは未発表曲“When Bad Does Good”のリリック・ビデオが公開されている。




CD 1:
‘Hunted Down’ [Soundgarden]
‘Kingdom of Come’ [Soundgarden]
‘Flower’ [Soundgarden]
‘All Your Lies’ [Soundgarden]
‘Loud Love’ [Soundgarden]
‘Hands All Over’ [Soundgarden]
‘Say Hello 2 Heaven’ [Temple of the Dog]
‘Hunger Strike’ [Temple of the Dog]
‘Outshined’ [Soundgarden]
‘Rusty Cage’ [Soundgarden]
‘Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)’ [M.A.C.C.]
‘Black Hole Sun’ [Soundgarden]
‘Spoonman’ [Soundgarden]
‘Dusty’ [Soundgarden]
‘Burden In My Hand’ [Soundgarden]

‘Sweet Euphoria’
‘Can’t Change Me’
‘Like A Stone’ [Audioslave]
‘Cochise’ [Audioslave]
‘Be Yourself’ [Audioslave]
‘Doesn’t Remind Me’ [Audioslave]
‘Revelations’ [Audioslave]
‘Shape Of Things To Come’ [Audioslave]
‘You Know My Name’
‘Billie Jean’
‘Long Gone’ (Rock Version)
‘Part Of Me’ (Steve Aoki Remix)
‘Ave Maria’ (with Eleven)

‘Promise’ [Slash featuring Chris Cornell]
‘Whole Lotta Love’ [Santana featuring Chris Cornell]
‘Call Me A Dog’ (Live Acoustic)
‘Imagine’ (Live Acoustic)
‘I Am The Highway’ (Live Acoustic)
‘The Keeper’
‘Been Away Too Long’ [Soundgarden]
‘Live To Rise’ [Soundgarden]
‘Lies’ [Gabin with Chris Cornell & Ace]
‘Misery Chain’ [with Joy Williams]
‘Storm’ [Soundgarden]
‘Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart’
‘Only These Words’
‘Our Time In The Universe’
’Til The Sun Comes Back Around’
‘Stay With Me Baby’
‘The Promise’
‘When Bad Does Good’**

‘Into The Void (Sealth)’ (Live at the Paramount) [Soundgarden]
‘Mind Riot’ (Live at the Paramount) [Soundgarden]
‘Nothing To Say’ (Live in Seattle) [Soundgarden]
‘Jesus Christ Pose’ (Live in Oakland) [Soundgarden]
‘Show Me How To Live’ (Live in Cuba) [Audioslave]**
‘Wide Awake’ (Live in Sweden)**
‘All Night Thing (Live in Sweden)’**
‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ (Live at Sirius XM)**
‘One’ (Live at Beacon Theatre)**
‘Reach Down’ (Live at the Paramount) [Temple of the Dog]**
‘Stargazer’ (Live at the Paramount) [Temple of the Dog]**
‘Wild World’ (Live at Pantages Theatre) [Yusuf/Cat Stevens with Chris Cornell]**
‘A Day In The Life’ (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)**
‘Redemption Song’ (Live at Beacon Theatre) [with Toni Cornell]**
‘Thank You’ (Live in Sweden)
** Denotes previously unreleased material

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