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Giorgio Moroder – ‘Cacophony’
Bernard Szajner – ‘Welcome (To Death Row)’
Alan Parker – ‘Synchrotech’
Abigail Mead – ‘Ruins’
Brad Fiedel – ‘Tunnel Chase’
Daft Punk – ‘Television Rules The Nation’
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – ‘Requiem’
Dopplereffekt – ‘Z Boson’
Howard Shore – ’01 – 9PM’
Harold Faltermeyer – ‘Main Title, Fight Escape’
Giorgio Moroder – ‘Chase’
Sick Le Lapin – ‘Flashcore Mix’
Heldon – ‘Le Retour Des Soucoupes Volantes’
Lewis – ‘Like To See You Again’ (OPN Remix)
John Abercrombie – ‘Timeless’
Steve Hillage – ‘Palm Trees (Love Guitar)’


label: Warp Records / Beat Records
artist: Oneohtrix Point Never
title: Good Time… Raw
cat no.: BRC-561
release date: 2017/11/03 FRI ON SALE
01. Elara to Alley
02. Banco Popular
03. Domino’s
04. New World Mall / Riker’s Island / Liberty Bonds
05. Bail Bonds06. 6th Floor
07. Hospital Escape / Access-a-Ride
08. Connie’s Mode at Annie’s
09. Ray Wakes Up
10. Entry to White Castle
11. Flashback
12. Driving Out of White Castle
13. Inside the Park
14. Cops Show Up / Acid Dose
15. The Acid Hits
16. Leaving the Park
17. Connie
18. The Pure & The Damned
19. The Beatdown (Bonus)

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